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From "0" to Infinity Story

 Paolo Grassi



Paolo Grassi

Defining Paolo Grassi's activity, born in Locarno (swiss artist) in 1959, proprietor of a graphic study since 1982, means searching for the most diverse and original expressive forms of his graphic activity in a commercial ambient to that of photographer and designer.


In 2000 - 2001, he projected and constructed "Casa Lili" atelier and home of which he personally undertook the architectural and furnishing, of the living quarters and the professional activity.

This experience marks a fundamental moment along his creative voyage, directed above all to the design of object stretched to the boundaries of art and photography.


Minimizing, severity in forms and shapes and originality in the choice of materials are the main characteristic of his creations.

Art by numbers

After extensive experimenting in the field of design during 2007, Paolo Grassi brought to light his endless work of art titled From “0” to Infinity Story, a work made of intervention both concrete and abstract or immaterial, completely different one from another, for whereabouts, localization, context, shape and material.


Each of these single artistic elements are given progressive numbers commencing from "Zero" (0 ...) initial.


In the Shop you will find the Works of the From "0" to Infinity Story, currently available: bronze works, aluminum, oxidized iron, pictorial works and Led.


All are unique except some bronzes with a limited edition. Do not hesitate to ask for more information or additional images or to request for a unique work.

Paolo Grassi is a swiss artist who makes art by numbers with his infinite story titled From "0" to Infinity Story.


Visit his shop art online and you will find bronze art like this, iron art, aluminum art, plexiglass art and pictures art.


Give yourself a gift art, a commissioned works made expressly for you.