Paolo Grassi

Swiss visual artist _ exhibition art _ gift art

“From zero to Infinity Story” story is the name of Paolo Grassi's art with numbers - comprised of  275+ exclusive and personalized works. The concept of each work is that the commissioner or owner becomes part of,  and belongs to, “From zero to infinity”. Each work has a numerical base and contains a secret element, be it in the manufacturing technique, materials used, in its numerical sequence and composition.


“From zero to Infinity Story” allows Paolo Grassi, a Swiss conceptual and visual artist, expression of the number theme utilizing different mediums, styles and techniques linked together by their common conceptual context and the infinity work that unites them.  


A conceptual work guarantees great flexibility as regards its more physical component, yet simultaneously imposes stricter conditions on the subject. The numerical sequence must always be strictly respected and not repeated.


Ideal for making or getting an gift art.

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